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How to post an Ad?
I haven't received the confirmation email. What do I do?
I have published my ad but why I can't see it on
How long will my ad be active on
How can I post a good ad on and get better responses?
What is premium ad?
How to post a premium ad?
How to convert an already posted ad into premium ad?
What are the plans, price, benefits & duration of premium ads?
What is a Premium package?
What are the payment options?
How to buy Premium package?
How do I search an item/ a job/ a service on
How do I reply to an ad?
How do I share an ad with my friends?
How do I mark an ad Favorite for future reference?
How do I receive ads in mailbox of my interest?
How to check responses for my ads?
How to edit my ad?
How to delete my ad?
How to check my Favorite ads?
How to check my saved searches?
How to check matching resume for my Premium Job?
Is registration compulsory for posting an ad?
How to verify my Mobile number & Why?
What if I change my mobile number? Can I verify my number again?
Can I login to using my Facebook / G+ account?
Being a premium user, I am not receiving responses via SMS. Why?
Do you have WAP/GPRS version of
How do I report abuse, spam and sexual content?
Somebody has falsified my identity in a posting. I am being harassed. What do I do?
What are the safety measures while selling or buying a product/service?
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